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Senior Citizens Forum is dedicated to the service of senior citizens to enable them to live an independent life of respect, autonomy and dignity. Aim of the Forum is to develop closeness, Brotherhood among Senior Citizens to help each other in need.


The Senior Citizens Forum came into existence on 21 July 2013 but it was registered with Registrar of Societies, Delhi on 14 January 2016 under Societies Registration Act, 1860. Now, the Forum has over 60 active members and most of them are retired senior Govt. officers/Bank officers.


1. President: D P Verma
2. Vice President: Vijendra Kumar
3. General Secretary: Dr S C Saxena
4. Secretary: C K Sahni
5. Treasurer: V P Gupta
6. Organising Secretary: M P Nagpal
7. Executive Member: A K Bhusan
8. Executive Member: Surindra Pal
9. Executive Member: J B Danwar
10. Executive Member: Lorik Prasad
11. Executive Member: R P Kawatra


The aims and objects of the Society shall be as under:
  1. To inculcate fellow- feeling amongst the members irrespective of cast, colour or creed or gender on the basis of mutually and commonality of interests.
  2. To take up issues that concerns the wellbeing particularly the health care and security of senior citizens.
  3. To protect rights and privileges of senior citizens as defined under the law.
  4. To redress the grievances of the senior citizens in regard to their dealings with banks, post office, traffic police, hospital, telephone department, MCD & other like agencies.
  5. Keeping close liaison with ‘lawful authorities’ like police and municipal corporation of Delhi and other instrumentalities of governance of the state.
  6. The main problem being faced by the senior citizens these days is related to their ‘security’. Not only they feel insecure against the antisocial elements but also with the change of time, they feel threatened by their own people, over property disputes incompatibility of temperaments and other alike reasons. The Society will take care of such problems of senior citizens.
  7. To organize programmes/ functions for Senior Citizens.
  8. To arrange visits/ tours for Senior Citizens.
  9. To arrange accommodation for recreation / library facilities etc. for Senior Citizens
  10. To arrange/ organize discussions, seminars, conferences and other lawful gathering for the promotion of aims and objects of the Society.
  11. To provide food, clothing, medical aid, accommodation, etc to the needy Senior Citizens.
  12. To offer free education, prizes and grant scholarship to the deserving students in general and to poor, helpless and needy children in particular.
  13. The Society will try to take care of all the problems related to Senior Citizens.


  1. Publishing a monthly “Senior Citizens News Letter” for providing information to the members.
  2. Arranging lectures/ discussions/ camps on health care of senior citizens.
  3. Celebrating festivals, birth days of members, etc.
  4. Arranging visits for senior citizens.
  5. Monitoring health related problems of senior citizens through “senior citizens care cell”.
  6. Registration of senior citizens with Delhi Police for their security and safety.
  7. Providing help to senior citizens as and when need arises.
  8. Participating in the programmes benefiting senior citizens.


125-C, Platinum Enclave, Sector 18, Pocket-I, Rohini, Delhi-110089
Phone:  +91-981 074 1842 / +91-981 800 1567
Email:  scfpe1@gmail.com

125-C, Platinum Enclave, Sector 18, Pocket-I
Rohini, Delhi-110089
Phone:  +91-981 074 1842 / +91-981 800 1567
Email:  scfpe1@gmail.com

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